These three fitness tips changed my life in the best and most simple way. For years I struggled with feeling that I needed to be further along. Like no matter how hard I tried I didn’t see changes and so I always felt behind on “looking fit” even though I was LIVING fit the whole time. If you’re struggling today feeling like you need to be further along, don’t discredit just how far you have come. In fact, that’s why when I was writing On Track, I wanted to specifically address the lies we believe and give practical tips on how to overcome them so we can move forward and stay ON TRACK living a healthy and fit life! ♡

I know that getting healthy can feel difficult at times ESPECIALLY when you feel confined to certain rules like “I have to work out on an empty stomach because fasted cardio is better” or “I have to burn at least 500 calories a workout” or whatever “rule(s)” you have believed. Listen to me closely ~ the voice in your head that is not full of love and truth is a LIE you don’t have to listen to those lies! God made you beautiful and I don’t want to to be weighed down for years by these unrealistic “rules” that do WAYYY more harm than help (if any help…). I’ve learned that living a healthy and fit lifestyle doesn’t have to be burdensome. Get rid of those rules and start living healthy and fit!

Lastly, something that’s helped me in 2019 that’s very practical is simply “move until you sweat” this involves a simple mind shift – working out doesn’t have to take all day. This has helped me COUNTLESS times to get a workout in or simply take my dog for a walk! There are SO many different ways to break a sweat and usually once I get going I stay going. “move until you sweat” has changed my life for the better! I hope it challenges you in a FUN way to get healthy and stay moving ~ fitness can absolutely be fun! With love, Cambria 🙂

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