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Watch our health care tips videos below to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about food, we need to have a healthy balance in all of our life activities.

LeAnn Rimes' Daily Routine: Meditation and Candle-Making | Morning, Noon & Night | Women's Health

LeAnn Rimes invites us into her home for a look at how she stays productive and centered throughout the day. Follow along for her morning smoothie and workout, midday meditation, a very special process of making chant-infused candles and much more in this episode of Morning, Noon & Night. More Women’s Health Instagram: Facebook: […]
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Gigi Goode Dissects Drag Race's Madonna Rusical | Performance Review | Women's Health

Join the fabulous Gigi Goode for a deep dive into her Madonna transformation for RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12’s spectacular Rusical. Gigi shares behind-the-scenes stories of how the performance came together, including how Jamal Sims helped her master the difficult choreography and the secrets to matching Madonna’s iconic look. Plus, find out what the Material […]
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Tom Ellis On How He’s Staying Fit & Healthy At Home | The Check In | Men's Health

Tom Ellis, star of Netflix series Lucifer, shares how he’s staying fit, both physically and mentally, during lockdown. Tom Ellis On How He’s Staying Fit & Healthy at Home | The Check In | Men’s Health Men’s Health Official Site: Men’s Health on Facebook: Men’s Health on Twitter: Men’s Health on Instagram: […]
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It's time to talk about Mental Health - Stephan, Eating Disorder Victoria Peer Mentor, Melbourne

Stephan Teglej is a peer mentor with Eating Disorders Victoria. After losing over 20kg and getting to his goal weight, Stephan still thought he was fat – what he saw in the mirror did not reflect his reality. He sought help. and with the support of a counsellor and specific body dysmorphia health service, Stephan […]
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'World's Strongest Gay' Rob Kearney's Strongman Workout | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health

Rob Kearney, the world’s first openly gay professional strongman, won the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia competition in 2019– and is training to become the world’s strongest man. He shows us the lower-body workout that he uses to stay in peak shape, box squatting 765 lbs, and deadlifting 885 lbs. ‘World’s Strongest Gay’ Rob Kearney’s Strongman […]
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