This Keto Chicken Soup Recipe was super delicious and nourishing. It tasted like heaven and like it could bring any one back from near death. I have done a ton of low carb zucchini recipe on this channel, but this is the first time I incorporated them into a recipe with the new Cosori Pressure Cooker. I can tell you that I love this multi cooker device and I am super excited to use it for future videos to create amazing recipes for you guys.
Items I use in my videos and love:

Cosori 6QT Premium Pressure Cooker: Spiralizer:
Orient 9.5 inch Damascus Chef Knife:
Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef Knife:
Nuwave 1300 Watt Induction Cook Top:
Teakhaus Teak Wood Large Cutting Board:
Kotai Hammered finish Chef Knife:
Vitamix 7500 High Power Blender:

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