When temperatures rise there’s a hidden killer among us, it’s the natural
disaster that causes the most deaths in Australia. Extreme heat.
Extreme heat can cause heat cramps and heat exhaustion. You might look pale and
sweaty, experience dizziness and headaches. Your heart rate may become
rapid and irregular. You might feel sick and start vomiting. If untreated these
symptoms can turn into heatstroke. Your body temperature will rise above 40.5 degrees.
You may stop sweating. You may have intense central nervous
system changes causing you to become confused and have seizures. Your internal
systems can be damaged and will start to shut down. Heatstroke is fatal in up to
80% of cases. It is a medical emergency that requires urgent attention, but there
are ways to survive the heat. Spend time indoors with air conditioning or a fan
on, drink plenty of water, don’t leave anyone alone in a car.
Plan ahead avoiding tense activities like exercising, renovating and gardening
and check in on others, especially people with pre-existing medical conditions,
the elderly and young children. Extreme heat can affect anybody.

Survive the heat. Learn more: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/heat

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